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Diesel and the Turkey Buzzards

As a result of the hot weather and minimal air in our lake, unfortunately, the fish died, which caused a concern for Diesel.   He continued to sit in his favorite spot in the yard, which was in the corner facing south.   He later discovered that Mother Nature was taking over, after he realized they were going to be apart of the neighborhood by eating the dead fish.

Turkey Buzzards Eating the Fish

Diesel In The Garden

Diesel in the Garden Adventure was this morning, after he decided to re-arrange the white picket fences!  As I looked out of the sliding glass door, I saw Diesel running around in circles with the white picket fence in his mouth.  He was having so much fun, that I would suppose he was thinking "Where should I put the white picket fence"!   And "Is anyone watching me"?   He was actually thinking that if he moved the white picket fence, he would keep a closer eye on the 17 watermelon growing the garden.  And yes, he sniffs the watermelon vines each day to be sure that he has missed a new one.l

Diesel's Best Friend-Gina

Gina also enjoyed a 'Small Chicken Bone'.
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Diesel's 1st Chicken Bone

Diesel has a new "Chicken Bone" and he has not really decided if he wants to chew the bone or bury the bone! 

Over the last few days, he wants to dig, hide, bury, dig, hide & bury again!

As of today, he has chosen a total of 4 different places to bury his bone, but, yet to actually chew the bone.

Diesel Home Improvement

As you can see, Diesel was visiting his friends Gina and Debo after a long day of boating and fishing.  He thinks that he is as small as this friends, but, as the picture depicts, he was attempting to squeeze through the "small doggie door", and his was only successful with a head shot to the outdoors.  Gina and Debo were saying "What are you doing dude"?   "Don't do it"!